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Animal Crossing: New Horizons Player, acnh_disneyland (Ron), Reimagines Disneyland in AC Format

Published 3 years ago • 3 min read • Last updated 3 years ago

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Island Map

Animal Crossing: New Horizons player, acnh_disneyland, aka Ron, has done a magnificent job recreating Disneyland! Ron’s dream address, DA-5064-2996-8566, allows all ACNH players to travel to his island and check out the Disney-themed island consisting of 300 hours of work! 

Ron created this island in hopes of spreading the Disney joy to everyone. With Disneyland and Disneyworld being closed due to the ongoing pandemic, this dream island is the next best thing! Every inch of this island has been well thought out and truly captures the Disney spirit. It’s a must see island! In this article, we’re going to post just a few island highlights so we don’t spoil the fun for anyone who hasn’t been yet.

Custom Design Portal

The first thing I did was head to the custom design machine to check out the available designs I could wear!

It took a minute to choose what to wear but I ultimately had to go for Minnie's dress. Fun fact: Did you know that you're not allowed to dress up as Disney characters when going to Disneyland if you're an adult? This way no one confuses the actual characters being played in the park with any random person.

Dream Address Entrance

Note: when you travel to this dream address, Ron has left some fun items by the town hall!

Ron's current favorite parts of the island include : Main Street, Sleeping Beauty Castle, and It's A Small World.

Main Street USA

Main Street is simply perfect. The combination of Bunny Day balloons, new Festivale items, princess dress custom designs, and the garden wagon really makes it feel like a scene from a parade you’d see on Main Street!

Sleeping Beauty Castle

The layout, color, and items used to make the Sleeping Beauty Castle work beautifully. The use of simple panels, iron and stone fencing, and silos are used to give the house the look of a castle.

It's A Small World

I can't even get over how cute the Small World area is! Everything fits together perfectly. The boat ride is even on point.

A few other fun areas I really enjoyed are Downtown Disney, and the Pirates of the Caribbean and Indiana Jones scenes!

Downtown Disney

Could this scene of Downtown Disney be any more put together? I don't think so! The floor tile even has the Mickey Mouse head imprints!

Pirates of the Carribean

This Pirates of the Caribbean scene was a blast to view. It's fun firing off the cannons! 

Indiana Jones

Last but not least, we have the Indiana Jones scene. From the fire, to the scorpions, to the treasure, and custom design flooring, this looks amazing. 

Thanks for reading!

Thanks for reading this article about acnh_disneyland's island! Make sure to visit at DA-5064-2996-8566. You can follow Ron on Twitter @ACNH_Disneyland and Instagram at @ACNH_Disneyland.

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